"The Wise Choice in Custom Embroidery"
Why "Athena"?       

     "Athena" has emerged as the perfect name for us.   Ironically, its mulitiple meanings only became clear AFTER we chose it to name our business.

      While doing research on the embroidery industry, we needed to order a catalog with a business name.   We hadn't thought that far ahead yet...  I (Kim) happened to be watching the Olympics from Athens at that moment so I typed in "Athena Embroidery" to request the catalog.
        Clever ladies that we are, we soon realizied how apropos that spontaneous name choice had been,  that Athena was the ancient Greek goddess of war, wisdom, and weaving!     Bessie is Greek and I 'm a former Philly schoolteacher

       An added perk: it put us first in the phone book!  :) 

     Enjoy some links to the Athena myths on our Catalogs/Links page.

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