"The Wise Choice in Custom Embroidery"
Embroidery Ideas

Along with  business logos and monograms for sport and dress shirts, we've created  unique items for many many of our customers....

Restaurants/Home Chefs:               Aprons, towels, napkins

Sports Teams/Sports Fans:            Personalized towels, equipment bags,                                                                  stadium blankets, raffle baskets

Contractors/Entrepreneurs:           Business name/logo sport or tee shirts

Pooch Parents:                               Collars, Bedding, Clothing
     (we've embroidered 2 marriage proposals on doggie shirts!-honest!)

Teachers:                                        Staff shirts, tote bags
Family Reunions:                           Shirts, tote bags, hats

Schools:                                         Uniforms, fundraiser items
Wedding/Baby Shower:                Towels , hankies, table/bed linens

Graduation:                                    Commemorative wall hangings

Mother's/Father's/Day:                  "Family Tree" sweatshirts

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